Training for

Finance Managers, Finance Controllers and Finance Directors

Take your Management Accounts to the next level
(and your finance career, too)

1-day online training course











Training for

Finance Managers, Finance Controllers and Finance Directors

Take your Management Accounts to the next level
(and your finance career, too)

1-day online training course



Management Accounts is the most widely circulated financial report in your business. It’s read by the leadership team, board members, investors, shareholders, bankers and prospective lenders.

It’s vital that you get it right.

But presenting accurate numbers is just the beginning. If you’re responsible for creating the end of month report, this is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise to senior business leaders. Done right, it will add real value to the business and raise your profile. You could even find yourself being invited to review commercial opportunities or share your financial insight on wider business decisions.

This course will show you how to transform your monthly Management Accounts report into a key piece of analysis that stakeholders will appreciate and value. You’ll be able to demonstrate where the business is headed on its current trajectory and spotlight trends for decision makers.

Give your Management Accounts the gold standard.


Who is this course for?

Whether you’re at the beginning of your finance career or you’re an experienced Financial Director, now is a great time to unlock the power of Management Accounts.

Perhaps you’ve moved from another industry, you’re a Financial Controller looking for a leadership role or you’re keen to shake things up as Head of Finance. Whatever stage you’re at, this is your chance to raise your reporting to the next level.

This course will help you to:

  • Boost your profile, get noticed and improve your confidence
  • Prove you’re more than just a number cruncher
  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise to the right people
  • Really understand how the business is performing
  • Clearly communicate your insight to key decision makers

What topics does this Management Accounts course cover?

This course is delivered via online videos with downloadable templates, so you can work through at your own pace, pause and re-watch whenever you like. You’ll have 12 months to access the course after you’ve enrolled.

  • Why is Management Accounts so important?
  • How to ensure an accurate baseline
  • Implementing an effective P&L structure
  • KPIs, not metrics
  • Ensuring the month end tasks are organised in advance
  • Spend more time analysing and less time preparing
  • Software – what are the options and what can they do?
  • Nail your structure: Financial statements, cashflow, KPIs and charts
  • How to add real value to the business
  • Nailing the commentary
  • Reporting to the board
  • Perfect your communication: internally, to business leaders and third parties

Meet your trainer, Alysha

Alysha has been working in the finance industry for almost twenty years. Since founding Fast Growth Consulting Ltd in 2019, she’s worked with a range of fast growth clients from start-ups to well-established organisations.

In addition to her Finance Director/CFO work, Alysha is an Expert Facilitator for both FourthRev and Allbright women’s collective. In 2021, Alysha became a Treasurer Trustee for the Sustainable Merton charity.​


“When I work with new clients, after baseline checks and due diligence, Management Accounts is always, always, the first place I look. It can give so much insight into how the company has performed historically, key decisions that have been made and where the business is headed.

You'd be amazed how boring these reports can be, basically a P&L and Balance Sheet exported from the accounting software. There’s such a huge opportunity for it to be good, and it’s so often missed.

Senior leaders can read what percentage the revenue is above or below budget and make their own interpretation, but wouldn’t it be great if the report actually told a story of what’s happening around the business? It’s an opportunity for the Financial Controller to show off their analysis of financial trends and really ‘own’ it.

I’m on a mission to help Finance Managers get more out of their day-to-day role. Enjoy their job, add value and get rewarded for their hard work."

Say goodbye to boring reports. Learn the secrets of powerful reporting.

" I enjoyed the management accounts course! It's reinforced a lot of points and also given me some good ideas on how to iterate on current reporting at my company!"

laurence hodgkins
Head of Finance


Meet Alysha Randall

Alysha Randall is a commercially focused Finance Director / CFO with experience working with fast growth online SMEs in various sectors. She is skilled in developing and building a finance function and teams, both in the UK and abroad as part of expansion plans and helping CEO’s and Leadership teams grow and scale their businesses.

Since founding Fast Growth Consulting in 2019, Alysha has worked with multiple fast growth businesses, such as allplants, GoTrade, Thrift+, Legl, Daye, Collagerie and Super Payments, among others. In addition, Alysha is an Expert Facilitator for both FourthRev and Allbright and, conducting courses for new and aspirational FDs/CFOs. In 2021, Alysha became a Treasurer Trustee for the Sustainable Merton Charity.​

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