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Celebrating One Year of Blogging: The Power of Reflection and Feedback for Finance Leaders

finance career finance leadership founders hr Sep 22, 2023

It's been a year.

One whole year since I started this blog, and I must say, what an exhilarating journey it has been.

Today, I want to shift gears a bit and talk about something that's not often discussed but crucially important – the power of taking a step back to reflect on your achievements and glean actionable insights from feedback.

Why Reflection Matters

When you're in the trenches, dealing with the daily challenges of being a Finance Director or Founder in a startup or fast-growth business, it's easy to forget to look up. There's always another financial model to build, another department to align with, another investor to woo.

But every once in a while, it's critical to hit the pause button.


Because that’s when you can gauge the distance you’ve covered. You can see the milestones you’ve hit and plot out your path for the miles yet to go. Your annual review isn't just a statutory requirement; it's your moment of clarity.

The Importance of Feedback

Now, let's talk about feedback. Yes, both the good and the bad. But for today, let’s focus on the good kind.

You see, good feedback is not just an ego booster; it's fuel for future performance and recognising what you're good at. Every compliment on your strategic capability, every thumbs-up on your risk assessment skills, every congratulatory email on meeting a target should be archived.

Keep these in a digital folder and revisit them during your more challenging days. They are not only a testament to what you've achieved but also a roadmap for where your potential can take you.

This is also particularly useful when you're thinking about your team and the skills you need to bring in.  If you're very strong at x, then hire someone that is good at y.  Leverage what you're good at and you'll not only be a more efficient team, but you'll also enjoy your work more.

The Finance Director’s Guide to Leveraging Feedback

  1. Keep a Feedback File: Store emails, comments, or any form of commendation you receive.

  2. Annual Review: Include this good feedback in your annual review, not just for self-reflection but to show your team and stakeholders the value you bring.

  3. Chart Your Progress: Use this feedback as benchmarks. Can you improve even further? What other skills can you hone?

  4. Celebrate and Share: Good feedback is not only for you but also for your team. Celebrate it collectively to foster a culture of acknowledgment and growth.  You're team will thank you for it.

Closing Thoughts

Today’s blog may seem different from the usual, but the underlining message aligns perfectly with what we regularly discuss here – the continuous journey towards better financial leadership.

As Finance Directors, we can get so caught up in numbers that we forget to measure what truly counts — the incremental improvements that make us better leaders and contribute to our company's success.

So here's to one year of blogging, to all the finance professionals out there, and to the power of reflection and good feedback. Here’s to many more years of growth!


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